PANERA BREAD: is available for FREE every Sunday!


SUNDAY SERVICE: Join us Sunday mornings at 10:00 am IN-PERSON  or LIVE online. Children’s and Youth ministry available.  ⁠For our LIVE service on our YouTube channel, Click here to join us.


WORSHIP IN JOSHUA TREE: Sunday,  April 18th. Meet here at the church at 3:30pm. Join us for an evening of worship just outside Joshua Tree National Park.


HOUSE CHURCHES: We have multiple house churches that meet through out the week. Contact the facilitator for more info.

MONDAY ONLINE House Church: Meets weekly, 6:00-7:30 pm on Zoom. Focus: Galatians; Facilitator: Melissa Levario (; (951) 255-9630)

MONDAY West Murrieta House Church: Meets every other week at 6:00 pm, in Murrieta (also rotates homes). Focus: Ephesians; Dinner-Childcare provided; Facilitators: Reggie & Pam Corrington (; (951) 691-9941)

TUESDAY Temecula Central House Church: Meets weekly, 7-9 pm in Temecula. Focus: Ephesians, Facilitators: Jon and Barbara Payne (; (951) 442-1376)

TUESDAY Murrieta North House Church: Meets weekly, 7 pm at in Murrieta. Focus: Colossians; Facilitators: Tom & Ellen Verloop (; (951) 675-1890)

WEDNESDAY South Temecula House Church: Meets weekly, 6:30-8:00  (dinner at 5:30) in Temecula. Focus: Ephesians; Facilitator: Gail Lundgren (; (858) 336-5902)

WEDNESDAY Murrieta Southeast House Church: Meets weekly, 7 pm  in Murrieta. Focus: 1&2 Peter; Facilitators: Allan & Jessica Jimenez (; (951) 837-1575)

THURSDAY Murrieta Central House Church: Meets weekly, 6:30 pm in Murrieta. Focus: Acts; Facilitators: Kristin and Tyler VanNoty (; (951) 704-2985)

THURSDAY Menifee House Church, Meets weekly, 6:30-8 pm in Menifee. Focus: John’s Gospel; Facilitators: Steve & Christine Johnsons (; (951) 704-0745)


YOUTH GROUP: Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm. Meeting indoors at The Springs. For junior high and senior high students. Contact for more info.


TEMECULA CHINESE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Sundays @10:00 am on ZOOM. For more info, contact George Kong (951) 506-6247.