We believe being connected to a House Church is essential to healthy spiritual growth. Please feel free to sample the House Churches below and find a place where you feel you can connect, grow and serve.

HOUSE CHURCHES: We have multiple house churches that meet through out the week. Contact the facilitator for more info.

SUNDAY South Temecula House Church 2: Meets Sundays @3-5pm at their home near Redhawk Golf Course – email them for their address. Focus: 1 Peter. Facilitators: Jono and Sian Wylie (jonowylie@gmail.com; 646-642-4638, kids, teens, everyone welcome).

MONDAY Murrieta House Church: ON BREAK FOR SUMMER Meets every Monday @ 6:00 pm, in Murrieta. Focus: The Foundations of Faith. Great for new believers. Facilitator: Tim Zanin timothyzanin@gmail.com (951)-852-8289

MONDAY Murrieta Southeast House Church: Meets weekly, 7 pm  in Murrieta. Focus: 1, 2, 3 John; Facilitators: Allan & Jessica Jimenez (prdtico07@hotmail.com; (951) 837-1575)

TUESDAY Temecula Central House Church: Meets weekly, 7-9 pm in Temecula. Focus: Screw Tape Letters, Facilitators: Hannah Lundgren (hannahmurdaugh@yahoo.com; (951) 795-9236)

TUESDAY Murrieta North House Church: Meets weekly, 7 pm at in Murrieta. Focus: Colossians; Facilitators: Tom & Ellen Verloop (tverloop@msn.com; (951) 675-1890)

WEDNESDAY  South Temecula House ChurchON BREAK FOR SUMMER Meets weekly, 6:30-8:00  (dinner at 5:30) in Temecula.  Facilitator: Gail Lundgren (mglundgren@verizon.net; (858) 336-5902)

THURSDAY Menifee House Church, Meets weekly, 6:30-8 pm in Menifee. Focus: Experiencing God; Facilitators: Steve & Christine Johnsons (sjcjohnson6@msn.com; (951) 704-0745)