We believe being connected to a small group is essential to healthy spiritual growth. Please feel free to sample the groups below and find a place where you feel you can connect, grow and serve.


LEADER:  Dan Brodek @ 7:00PM (626) 733-3151 (Murrieta)

LEADER: Tony Cherniss @ 7:00PM (951) 757-6793 (Temecula)

LEADER:  Allan Jimenez @7:00PM (951) 837-1575  (Temecula)

LEADER: George Kong @ 6:30PM (951) 506-6247Chinese Church (Church)


MARRIED COUPLES GROUP: Mondays, 6:30PM in Murrieta. Contact: Pam Corrington, pamcorrington@gmail.com (Murrieta)


YOUNG ADULTS GROUPEvery other Tuesday 7:00PM Contact:  Reggie Corrington, Reggie@thespringscc.org or Melissa Levario, melissa@thespringscc.org


YOUTH GROUP:  Wednesday, 7:00-8:30PM (Church) Contact: Reggie Corrington, Reggie@thespringscc.org


For more info: Tony Cherniss (951) 308-1921